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Seat of the Company

The company registered seat is one of the strategic factors that helps to build a positive image of an emerging company. According to our experience, the seat of the company plays an important role in establishing new business relationships in both the Czech Republic and also abroad.
We will provide your company the registration seat in one of our centers in the lucrative business address in Prague - Wenceslas Square.
Together with a company registered seat we will provide you with "virtual office" services to the extent that you choose.

Virtual office

Virtual Office from Business Center CHRONOS is an ideal solution for companies and entrepreneurs - presentation at a prestigious address in representative spaces in Prague which for strategy and building the company's image can be an important aspect.
A virtual office provides complete administrative support and background for the company, flexible solutions according to the actual needs of the client and all without expending their own investments.

What services do you get on daily basis from our professional team of assistants

  • receipt of mail with a record, further processing according to your instructions
  • telephone services - taking messages, recording and transmission by telephone or in writing by agreement. In the case of your request you will be granted an exclusive phone line.
  • management of  data boxes
  • organization of business meetings, contacts with government offices and others, according to your instructions.
  • available on request you will either rent offices or meeting rooms on an hourly / half day / day basis with a reception service, with high quality high-speed internet access, catering and other services.
  • reception and other administrative services

Contact address

This service is for already existing both Czech and foreign entities that are interested or need to set up the Prague branch of his company and all without incurring the high cost of furnishing own office space and hiring staff.

You will be provided with services called "virtual office", including complete administrative support for business meetings in the premises of our business centers.

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